Bio Renaissance Pty. Ltd. was established in 2008 with an aim to support and accelerate the application of scientific research in life science in to commercial and practical uses.

Life Science and Biotechnology have made great advancement since the late 20th Century, providing various products, service and technology to the medical field. Its advancement is so great that it is said to be the Third Industrial Revolution.

Life science is akin to the traditional physics-based scientific revolution. It is instead centred on biochemistry, which has provided humans with a new dream to explicate the mysteries of biological activity. Advancement in life science in particular has produced immense industrial creations beyond human imagination and for this industry to continue its fantastic creations it requires a business model outside the square.

Bio Renaissance captures the societal changes resulting from such bioscientific research, and endeavors to promote safe and efficient commercialization.

CEO / Toshi Ohashi

*The Second Industrial Revolution (1865-1900)
1865 is the year of which several historical changes took place: The Civil War ended; Lincoln (President of the time) made the emancipation speech and was then assassinated; and in Japan it was the beginning of the Keio era, the period leading to the Meiji Restoration. 1865 was indeed a year of change, and is now known as the Second Industrial Revolution.
Early career: Mr. Ohashi was Director of Strategic Business Development at SRL. Responsible for the development of new business activities and item introduction. Taken on a management role for introducing clinical examination system and bio-sensor technology at various companies including Beckman and Pharmacia. At 1999, Mr. Ohashi had been disignated as Managed representative roles at Proteome Systems in Australia to negotiate the introduction of proteomic studies. In 2002, Mr. Ohashi established Proteome Systems Japan (a joint enterprise with Ito Atsushi Company). CEO. Successfully managed the development and set up of Kurume Translational Research Centre. 2004 ? present: Have been managing the translation of life science to clinical application and development. Currently working as a business consultant and advisor for bio- and life-science related manufacturers in Japan, US and Australia.

■Work Experience
2008Established Bio Renaissance Pty Ltd.
Role: CEO.; strategic consulting for Life Science and Medical industries.
Established Japan corporation of MTM Laboratories (Germany) to successfully reach the Japanese market.
Role: CEO and Directing Manager.
2004Established Cytyc Corporation (US) Japan branch.
Role: Directing Manager.
2002Established Proteome Systems Japan (a joint enterprise) with C-Ito Corporation.
1998Proteome Systems Laboratories (Australia);
Role: Japanese Country Manager
1991Bio-Sensor Manager (Pharmacia; GE Healthcare)
Senior executive manager (Deltec)
1987Diagnostic Medicine Marketing Director (Beckman; now Beckman Coulter)
1977Operations and Development Manager (Special Reference Laboratory; now SRL)

■Consulting Activities
Strategic business planning and adviceOverseas firm (US, Australia, Germany, France, North Europe) and Japanese firms.
Planning for successful launch in to the Japanese market.Supporting to establish the business utilities in Japan for foreign base companies, e.x. US, Australia, France
Market research and analysisUS, Germany, and Japanese companies.
International strategic planning for Japanese companiesPartnering, market research and registration.
Technology and project development and supportDiagnostic medicine.
Medical equipments.
Drugs development.
Clinical studies.