The discovery of DNA double helix in 1953 has accelerated the advancement in Life Science, bringing it to become one of the top area of attention. Bio Renaissance was established in 2008 with an aim to bring scientific data and methods to clinical and practical application through-----basic research, facilitating product and service development.

Life science is akin to the traditional physics-based scientific revolution. It is instead centred on biochemistry, which has provided humans with a new dream to explicate the mysteries of biological activity. Advancement in life science in particular has produced immense industrial creations beyond human imagination and for this industry to continue its fantastic creations it requires a business model outside the square. Bio Renaissance captures the societal changes resulting from such bioscientific research, and endeavors to promote safe and efficient commercialization.

Unfortunately Japan is not yet well equipped with adequate funding nor support for life science related research. This is especially so in the drug and medical field where laboratory and clinical research requires intimate cooperation, mainly because societal and traditional norms inhibit open research to take place.
Bio Renaissance overcomes such issues by coordinating with international research agencies and provides strategies to proceed with scientific research.
■Case Example
Pharmaceutical companies in JapanResearch for biomarker(s) characteristic to specific disorders
Pharmaceutical companies overseasDevelopment of therapeutic medicine for specific disorders
Chemical companies overseasNew chemical combination and development.
Numerous other alliance results